Avon Products
AVON - Fly Killer
AVON Fly killer eliminates mosquitos, flies & other small insects from places. The flying insects are drawn towards the lure tubes of the unit & die instantly on the electrically charged grid. The dead insects are collected in the catchment tray at the bottom for easy disposal.
AVON - Air Curtain
An Air Curtain is a modern device that keeps outside air out & inside air in when installed on a door and thus prevents escape of conditional air & entry of outside heat, dust & unwanted pollutants.
Welcome To Avon Fly Killer & Air Curtains
Located at Gurgaon, RKS Global Solutions is a company engaged in offering optimal grade of Air Curtains and Fly Killer Machine under the brand name AVON. Our endeavour to follow high quality standards for our customers.
The quintessence of quality lies not just in design, but in performance”. Driven by this mission of maintaining quality, we at RKS Global Solutions levitate on this touchstone by giving quality inputs, right from raw materials to design to customer support. With a single-minded mission of providing cleaner environments to Corporate, Retail Stores, Factories, Laboratories, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants etc.
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